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The MT3400 is a versatile solution well suited for many mobile asset tracking applications but is especially useful for monitoring the location of trailers and containers. This easy to install and use device uses a network of geostationary satellites and a two-way satellite communications protocol to send pre-scheduled status polls or reports; inform the user of events, receive “over-the-air” commands, and receive poll requests for instantaneous GPS location and information reporting.

The MT3400’s low profile keeps the device out of sight from those who might misuse or tamper with the equipment. In the event of a theft, the location accuracy provided by the proprietary Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver ensures precise position information for fast trailer retrieval. The stop-start sensor in the MT3400 provides information as to whether the asset is stationary or moving. This powerful feature helps reduce the number of messages sent via satellite thereby reducing monthly airtime costs and battery consumption.
In-field replaceable battery packs for the MT3400 can provide years of service depending on usage.

Configuration and data retrieval from the MT3400 can be easily accomplished through third-party Internet-based application services provided by Value-Added Resellers (VARs) or by integrating existing customer enterprise software to receive information from the message gateway. Use of the MT3400 can increase efficiencies in the utilization and deployment of trailers, containers and other mobile assets; improve security; prevent and reduce cargo theft; help recover misplaced or stolen equipment quickly; and reduce insurance costs.




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